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The Godfather of soccer

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I got the call today yes the one my wife has been dreading for a few months now

let me explain to those that don’t know me, my specialty lies in coaching young soccer players specifically girls from the U15-U21 range.  i attribute this to the fact that I had two younger sisters that broadened and opened my eyes to the way girls think and act.  I have had relative success at these age groups and enjoy the diverse personalities of these girls.

this past summer was a great one, we had a  new (re-built) team to fill the spot of last years team that for the most part disbanded for greener pastures (another story for another day)  this new group of girls where recruited from all over the GTA and GHA (that’s the Greater Toronto Area and Greater Hamilton Area)  we even had a player have a brief cup of coffee with us from as far out as Barrie.  the team was built over the winter, they where put through every kind of conditioning, technical, tactical sessions i could come up with or in the case of the fitness outsourcing them to FITSToronto.  in the end the team challenged well and at the end of the season we managed to retain our spot in the top level of soccer. (OYSL – Ontario Youth Soccer League equivalent to a state league down south) when everyone else had counted us out.

Now that you have a visual of my team lets rewind towards the end of this season.This is when i attempted to sit down with our club TD (Technical Director of Player and Coaching Development and figure out what the plan was for my development as far as certification and support that i could count on from the club.   Well the response i received was that they did not have it in the budget to sponsor me and help offset the costs of the courses and certifications that i was hoping to get this coming winter.  i then sat down with my wife and after much deliberation and conversation with peers and TD’s from other clubs decided that the route that my current club was taking (Non ODPL – another topic for another day ) that the best option for me would be to move on from my current club.

So at the end of the season i addressed my team of wonderful athletes and advised them that i would be stepping down as coach of the squad to pursue my certification.

i think the girls took it better then some of the parents…lol

Upon leaving i did state that if needed to help out i could possibly and if my schedule permitted i could come out and help by advising or coaching in a pinch.

Well as the godfather once said “just when i thought i was out, they pull me back in” hahaha yes you guessed it, ill be running practice tomorrow (last practice before the season kickoff no pressure) as the new coach Mike (wonderful guy) can not get his shift changed at work.

So Mrs Barbosa said it best when i told her that i was stepping down as coach back in August, she said i give it till Christmas before your coaching these girls again……. i hate saying this but honey you were right (but its only this 1 time…..who am i kidding they all know im a sucker for these girls)

as for my certification and coaching development i have a interview/meeting with a TD from a another club on Sunday (i hold his advise and opinions in high regard as does most of the soccer community in Canada)

wish me luck,



The Journey

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Well here i go!

They say that it takes the average man 10-20 times to acknowledge any suggestion or comments that their significant other tells them.  Well in this case……………………. its taken over 3 yrs.  My wife has been suggesting that I write a blog for longer than i can remember and here i finally am.

So heres the lowdown on the content of this blog, it will consist of my experiences as a competitive soccer coach, not limited to my coaching but also my development.  As well as my attempt to join the world of CrossFit. (mix in some family en devours) and i hope you stick around

wish me luck and leave your thoughts,


Hard work does …

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Hard work does not come without dedication, motivation and determination. – Coach Barbosa